Monday, April 23, 2018

Update #3247284729

Quick update... Was very busy during the weekend... Cleaned my entire room just to hunt down those damn bedbugs on Saturday and visiting my cousin brother's house on Sunday... I would say it was a well spent weekend with my family although deep inside my heart, I want to go to the sauna... And it is going to be end month soon, which means May is coming... I really wanted to figure out what entertaining things that would surprise me next... Meanwhile, got to make sure my work is all good...

It is going to be a busy end month...

Thursday, April 19, 2018


I am going through so much things right now... I mean, I will just list it out in point form for easier reading in future:

- Financial is good this month, but might be bad next month
- Still eagerly waiting for my house to complete
- My body fat measurement is killing me. How is it possible to drop or increase by 1.5% within 2 days?!?!?
- Progress in my muscle building is quite satisfactory. Do notice some increase on size compared to last few months
- Will eat lesser oily food from now on
- Bit myself of the lips due to chewing on gums too hard. Trying to prevent ulcer from developing!!!
- Satisfaction from killing bed bugs with my fingers. Squeeze it and pop it!
- Waiting for Samsung Member Apps contest results now. No luck in Maybank Samsung Pay contest at all :(

There are more but can't recall what it is lolz... Well just let it be xD

Moving on with my poor life~~~

Monday, April 16, 2018

Moody Monday...

Monday blue... It is always real... Monday is definitely not the best day for me to work... I will be in my most least productive state on Monday and I will slack more than usual... I don't regret this though... I know myself clear enough on how to handle things accordingly... So what am I gonna do for the whole day??? Tumblr and forum lolz...

I will always be me and myself :D

Thursday, April 12, 2018


OK from today onward, I will less likely to post anything related with my gay lifestyle in this blog because I have a tumblr account for it now... This blog serves mostly of my rants, sorrow, happy and exciting things :D

Back to my life... Everything is great so far... Work pace is great and still waiting for the results of the contests that I have joined... And the most surprising thing about yesterday is, I never know I can last so long being a top although I don't think I can satisfy a bottom xD

Now gonna move on to my tumblr lol

Monday, April 9, 2018

Experience Of Lifetime...

Yesterday night was the night where I set myself completely wild... I have made myself to experience what an orgy or group sex could probably be and yes, it made me wild by hearing people moaning all around and seeing guys making out together is just too calming for me... I mean, not necessary to have sex involved but just being present around people making out made me feel the pleasure in certain extent... It sounds very funny but that is exactly how I felt lolz... The best part is definitely when someone clings to you, holding on to you and start caressing your body from top to bottom... I mean this is what sex about isn't it??? Lolz...

Yesterday was undeniably enjoyable... Felt like my brain has been refreshed into a new level... But one thing for sure is I am being a complete asshole yesterday... One of it is that I never give anyone bj at all as I just keep receiving bj from everyone... Second, my biggest guilt, having bareback sex... I know that I MUST NOT HAVE BAREBACK SEX because it is very unfair for the bottom if I am infected with HIV (no worries I am free from diseases)... But at that point, he went straight to lube his own hole and sit on top of my dick... I was extremely aroused at that point and the moment I felt my dick inside his hole, the pleasure skyrocket to a point of no return... It's like not even 10 seconds and I shot inside him... I really should have stopped him for a moment, or probably change position or something but I failed to do so... In fact, if I stopped myself, get a condom and continue again, I could last longer and be more enjoyable for him... Sigh... I am pretty sure this guilt will haunt me for the rest of my life as I do not know who is the bottom... Hopefully, I can meet him again and give him a more enjoyable time instead...

This is my quick timeline of the fun I had yesterday in a complete dark room:

1. Walking around being touched by others
2. A guy stopped me and we proceed with making out, then he served me from top to bottom (kissing, nipple down to bj). After like 10 mins, he stopped as he was too tired and I gave him a kiss before he leave
3. At that same time on #2, another guy indulge himself behind me. He kept playing with my body and slowly he uses saliva to open up my hole. I was fine with that until the moment I felt something going inside my hole and that was his dick without a condom. I deny his entry completely for like 2 times. After the first guy left, this guy pull me to other place and I let him hump between my thighs. He ended up ejaculating in between my thighs and before I leave, I gave him a kiss lolz
4. Went to clean myself up
5. Get back inside, linger around 5 minutes and found a big guy wanted some fun with me. I proceed and yes, he served me from top to bottom and lastly, I satisfy him by giving him hj. He ejaculated on my leg in the end and thanks me for that. Such a nice guy xD
6. Went to clean myself up and went for a quick 5 minutes jacuzzi rest
7. Get back inside, linger around 5 minutes and noticed a guy was enjoying a bj given by others. Since that guy was enjoying, I gave him some nipple play and he moaned even louder, to an extent of shooting. I hope he enjoyed that :D
8. Walked around and cling to a guy, served me from top to bottom without hesitation and he pull me to another place. Yes. This guy is my biggest guilt. At the same time, another guy was caressing my body but he never plan to do anything besides licking and giving me hj.

Honestly, this is my wildest moment in my gay sex life... And, sadly to say, I really enjoy it and I would love to go every weekend... Guess one of the 7 sins got me right on the spot lolz... Please forgive me :'(

Regardless of what, I will ensure that I am protected and disease free every time!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

For Once...

Never felt so tired in my entire life today... I am just going to be honest... Let me do something I should not be doing for once so that I could forget every unhappy events... Please just let my mind set free for once...

No pain no gain I guess???

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Moody Thursday...

Completely engulf with moodiness since waking up in the morning... Hope it does not turn out to be a depression... I am desperate to have a short break away from this place... Feels that I don't belong here at the moment... What I really really really want right now is lying on a lounger by the beach... I miss the serene sound of the waves and the lovely smell of sea breeze... I don't know how long I can wait... I am getting tired...

I am waiting for some great life event to happen right now... Such as some positive news from the contests that I have joined... Other than this, there are nothing for me to anticipate until end of next month (yes as in April 30th)...

To be very frank, there are A LOT OF THINGS that I can do to uplift myself or relieve all the tiredness away without going to a beach... One of it is by pampering myself with a good message but this is an issue cause it cost money... As usual, my financial was never been good and I only can limit myself to maximum of 2 massages per month, which is kinda sad... Another one is by eating good food and yes, it costs me a lot of money as well... Alas, this is not something I can indulge myself every time...

I am so not in the mood to do any work right now... I have no motivation to work right now... I have lost my soul and my body is out of my control right now...

I just want to have an absolute alone time without anyone around me right now...

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I never expect our friendship blooms this rapidly... The fun I had by chatting with him really means a lot to me... I just can't wait to see him for real... And something tells me that something better would happen when we meet... And the good news is, he might be coming over to KL to work :D

Moving on to my personal things:
1. I guess the Samsung contest winner will only be revealed by end of next month... So much anticipation of waiting for it ahahaha xD
2. As for Maybank Samsung Pay contest, lagi panjang leher... But the result for this contest should be announced by end of next month...
3. Going to meet my very first swimming buddy tonight but he is not responding about his confirmation... To be frank, I still dislike KJ pool xD
4. Body fat from 16.8% (after sick for 2 days) increased to 17.8%. Before I got sick, I was at 18% body fat... Uggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
5. Planning for no to low fat, low calories and high protein diet on my swimming days...

Wait... Does point #5 even need to be typed out???

When I want the time to passes by faster, it gets even slower...